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Me, in sporadic nutshells

A little up and to the left of reality

So, what do I say here? My journal is random -- I write when I think about it.

I'm a bit odd, I suppose, being female and liking Monty Python, Rush, Dream Theater, football, hockey, and fantasy RPGs. I like sci fi, am an Old School Doctor Who fan, remember Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy long before it was a movie, and think Time Bandits was a work of genius.

I write. Okay, not particularly well, but I write. I am interested in myth, epic and romance (romance in the literary sense, not Romance Novels. Think Beowulf, the Caterbury Tales, etc.). I love comic books, and admit to having a crush on Wolverine even before Hugh Jackman played him. I have a degree in History, but also love Cultural Anthropology -- what I love best is the myths and fairie tales of a culture or society -- if you know the stories people tell their children, you can learn a lot about those people. And if you want to read any fiction I have written, let me know.

My favorite band in the whole wide universe is Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers. Really. No kidding. If you haven't heard of them -- GO CHECK THEM OUT! Google Roger Clyne. You will be ever so glad you did.